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J&R Electromechanical is proud to offer a wide range of dependable, efficient, and flexible nitrogen generators to provide our customers the optimum cost saving solution for their on-site nitrogen generation needs.

We offer Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and membrane type nitrogen generators from Peak Gas Generation and Atlas Copco, capable of providing purities ranging from 95% to 99.9995%.

Peak Gas Generation

We offer the i-Flow Prime & Mini modular & scalable range of on-site PSA nitrogen generation systems, capable of producing a continuous supply of nitrogen gas to meet the demands of industrial manufacturing and processing applications. Harnessing the latest in gas purification technologies, the i-Flow range are the most cost effective, energy efficient, and economical nitrogen generation systems available on the market. They deliver a wide range of customizable purities and flow rates on a large scale and are suitable for use in numerous industries, including food & beverages, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, chemicals, electronics, metal fabrication, plastics, rubbers and many more.

i-Flow Prime & Mini generators are the culmination of Peak Gas Generation’s innovations and technological expertise. They build upon over two decades of experience as industry leading gas generation specialists. Designed & engineered by an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, the i-Flow range utilizes the latest PSA technologies, optimized for maximum energy efficiency, with over 100 pre-configured flow rates (0.76-268.32 M3/h) and purities (up to 99.9995%) specifications.

Peak Gas Generation’s nitrogen generation systems are designed to be a future-proof, space-saving, and a sustainable solution. To accommodate inevitable future growth and your expanding business needs, both i-Flow Prime & Mini gas generators can be scaled out retrospectively, with additional Peak CMS banks or modular units. This offers companies the flexibility to incorporate a solution that can continually adapt infrastructure in line with growth, rather than being constrained by an increasingly expensive or fixed capacity nitrogen gas solution.

Atlas Copco

We offer the NGM membrane and the NGP PSA range of nitrogen generators from Atlas Copco.

The NGM, NGM+, and NGMs range of membrane nitrogen generators offer a compact all-in-one solution for your N2 supply needs. Utilizing proprietary membrane separation technology, they provide nitrogen with a purity range of 95-99.9%. They are flexible enough to adapt to your specific applications. With low operating costs, they offer an excellent return on investment. If you don’t need a generator with a high nitrogen flow and purity, the NGM range is your perfect solution. It can meet your specific application requirements with Atlas Copco quality, high efficiency, minimal maintenance, and next to zero operational costs.

The NGP and NGP+ series of PSA type nitrogen generators offer a wide range of purities, from 95% to 99.999%, along with a high flow capacity, making them well-suited for diverse applications. These cost-efficient nitrogen generators are extensively used in industries such as food and beverage, metal processing, electronics, and more. With gas flows exceeding 3,000 Nm³/h and a comprehensive product range, these generators are ideal for meeting the demands of various challenging applications.

Advantages of On-Site Nitrogen Generation over Bulk Nitrogen Supply:

  • Cost Savings: On-site nitrogen generation eliminates rising prices, rental charges, delivery costs, and environmental surcharges associated with bulk nitrogen supply. This can result in significant cost savings, up to 80%.
  • Non-stop Availability: With on-site nitrogen generation, you have a continuous and independent supply of nitrogen, ensuring 24/7 availability for your operations.
  • Enhanced Safety: Handling high-pressure cylinders can pose health and safety risks. On-site nitrogen generation eliminates these hazards, ensuring a safer working environment.
  • Easy Integration: On-site nitrogen generators can be easily integrated within existing compressed air installations, making it convenient and efficient to implement in your facility.
  • Purity Control: On-site nitrogen generation allows you to set the purity level according to your specific application requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Reduced Wastage: Unlike bottled nitrogen, on-site generation allows you to use exactly what you produce, minimizing waste. There is no leftover nitrogen in tanks during switch-outs.
  • Environmental Impact: Generating nitrogen on-site has a smaller environmental footprint compared to traditional bottled nitrogen, reducing carbon emissions and dependency on transportation for supply.


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